On the fifth anniversary of the massive crackdown in Turkey, Polish Judges Association Iustitia and Justice for Rule of Law organised a meeting with support of MEDEL. The meeting took place on 18 July in Poznan (Poland).
Journalist Agnieszka Rostkovska, author of the book: ′′ Warriors with glass eyes ′′ told about the influence of dictatorship Recep Erdogan on Turkish society. In search of a new Turkey.” Sandra Grzelaszyk from Polish Amnesty International talked about the deterioration of human rights.
In the second part, our Board Members Yavuz Aydin (Turkish judge in exile), Anna Adamska-Gallant (advocate, international expert, former Polisg judge) and Bruno Lietaert (Member of Belgian  Council for Judiciary, Chair of Belgian Judges Association M&M), had an insightful discussion on the importance of judicial independence for rule of law and democracy in any country. In this part, more than 4.000 purged and persecuted colleagues along with 150.000 public officials and tens of thousands of arrested dissidents of Turkey have been commemorated.
There was also an exhibition devoted to the experiences and sufferings of jailed Turkish judges.  Letters by families of persecuted judges who were arrested on the basis of convictions in fictional trials attracted the attention of participants and the audience.
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